Time to raise your hands AGAIN!

Ok folks – IF YOU BELIEVE that the sweet deal Abnerdork just made with the unions is good Hawaii – RAISE YOUR HANDS HIGH!

IF YOU BELIEVE – that once more this creep is giving his Union backers a sweet deal and the rest of us are getting it in the shorts – RAISE BOTH HANDS!!

If you recall, this is a deal that Crumbcake didn’t want to release the details on when it was made. Why was that? Why did he avoid answereing questions when they were put to him? What was the big secret? It was all ‘hush hush’ a deal ONCE AGAIN made behind closed doors – he ignored all questions asked about it.  Now the facts are leaking out. Don’t you find that interesting?

NOW we are supposed to believe that giving union workers an EXTRA Nine – (9) PAID days off is a good thing for the State.  9 days that someone else is going to have to work to make up for the person taking the extra days off. SO – one employee gets a paid day off, one WORKS OVERTIME to make up for his/her buddy taking off. In what way is THIS a good deal for the rest of us? Who are they trying to fool on this?

SO – 30 days paid time off, does this include sick days or is that extra time off? Is this generous deal good for new hires as well?

What other perks are in this new contract – what other secrets are he and his gang hiding, what other deal was made behind closed doors that we will find out about after the fact when it hits our pocketbooks?

We are in a pickle here – WHO in this State (Hawaii) REALLY believes that AMBERCROMBIE AND HIS GANG OF THUGS – is really looking out for the good of our State – NOT his Union buddies?  RAISE YOUR HANDS AGAIN PLZ!

One sweet deal after another – will it end before the UNION have iron clad deals that nobody can break? Are WE going to be a State that is forced into bankrupcy because the Unions and their puppets control everything? WHEN are the PEOPLE of Hawaii going to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

WAKE UP HAWAII – IT’S TIME to tell this band of thieves and crooks that you’ve had enough of their shady behind closed door deals that screw the people and insure their own well being!!

Time for letters, emails, phone calls, txt messages, tweets, facebook comments, whatever it takes to get them the message..

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