Unions part of budget solution! Another Joke!

If you read the paper (WHT) on Sunday, you say the headlines proclaiming that the Unions are willing to make a huge sacrifice by taking a 5% pay cut and “broad overhauls of perks”.  OK, let’s see the WHOLE contract so we can visualize these sacrifices they are making.  I have a feeling that if we view the contract(s) we will find that they aren’t giving up as much as they want us to believe.

So – Who has a copy of the contracts that they can post so we can see this for ourselves?

We already know that one (or more) of the unions got paid off by Abercrombie with all the $$ he released his first week in office and recently the extra 9 days of vacation he handed out (the contract was a secret that Abercrombie wouldn’t discuss with the press).

The Unions had their demonstration supporting the Unions in WI, showing their true colors, ie: protect the power of the unions at all cost. With that in mind I have a hard time feeling warm and fuzzy about what they are willing to give up to help our out budget deficit…

After 56 years of the Democrats with their Union Support it’s hard to believe that all of a sudden the unions “have a heart” and want to give the taxpayers (yes, the people that pay for their salary and perks) ANY kind of a break. 

Check it out folks, let’s hear just how much these Democrat supporters have “given back” to our state in our time of need.  I shall await with abated breath…


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