Hawaii, Business as usual!

How many of you have noticed that the only time Abercrombie shows his silly face is when there is POSITIVE things happening that MIGHT make him look like less of a DUD, a breaker of promises or a liar? The man has a knack for hiding when real issues are out there that might bite him in his substantial butt (yes mine is substantial also but I’m not in a position to screw anyone).

By the way, if you would like to send this looser an email and give him a piece of your mind, here is his EMail:   governor.abercrombie@hawaii.gov 

Let’s talk about gambling in Hawaii – RAISE YOUR HANDS – be honest here, nobody will know what you think..  How many of you enjoy a little gambling now and again? How many of you make trips to Vegas or any other State and hit the Casinos?

OK – keep your hands up for a moment longer…  How many of you BELIEVE THE CRAP THEY SPEW ABOUT THE “BAD ELEMENT” that will descend on Hawaii like a flock of Locusts if we have some form of gambling on our Islands? If your hands are still up, I have some Koolaid that I’d like to sell you – goes well with the BULL the NIMBY folks are feeding you.

There was a good ‘letter’ in WHT today (no, i didn’t write it) that talked about this very subject. You might want to read it – if you don’t get the paper but can read this, go on line and check it out:


Might want to read all the letters, pretty good ones….

There is NO doubt that our current government (not JUST in Hawaii) is so corrupt that the only things that get done involve perks for supporters – including payoffs for votes. The Unions continue to come out smelling like Roses even when times are bad. You notice they do make a big show of ‘giving in’ when it is in their best interest – their leaders and the leaders of our State know that the people of Hawaii have what is commonly called “short term memory loss” well above average (California is right up there also) when it comes to what the politicians actually do (or don’t do).

Well, I actually have lots more to say – but i need to get SOME work done today. So, weather you think I worth listening to or not is beside the point – FOR THE RECORD – my sole goal is to get people to THINK – not just be blindly led by smooth talking politicians or clueless bureaucrats that only have THEIR best interest at heart but are REAL GOOD AT CONVINCING YOU THAT (what they do) IT IS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST!

Aloha America

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