Abercrombie & Obama

The two most obvious similarities between Abercrombie and Obama is the fact that to stomach either of them you need several drinks and a big tube of “Anal Eze” before any self centered speeches are finished. Both men are back slappers, willing to smile at you and make promises while they are holding the knife over your shoulder.

If you do agree/submit to their plans or suggestions you must be ready at any time to BEND OVER and drop your shorts!

Their solution to everything is to RAISE TAXES and let the little guys bail them out. The “tax the rich” policy is good for a few bucks but it is ONLY  a sound Bite to make a few people cheer and an attempt to make them look good while the country continues to slide downhill.

In Hawaii we were recently lead to believe that the raise in the GET tax was dead for the year, now we hear it could easily have a new life by attaching it to one of the existing bills that are likely going to be passed.

In Honolulu Abercrombie is sitting on has fat duff waiting for the bills containing tax increases to come across his desk so he can sign them into law. He will of course blame the legislators for passing the bills in the first place because he is not the type to take credit for unpopular items.

In Washington, Obama is more worried about his election campaign than what is happening to the economy or the cost of gas. Once more we are faced with high gas prices and they are telling us that likely this time they will stay high. Obama wants us to “go green” like that’s the answer to the problems of the world. He forgets to mention the COST of going green and what the “cause & effect” will be on every taxpayer in America.


If our Governor and our President can’t figure out something so simple – FIRE THEM!  aloha

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