Liberals and their $$

Ever wonder – How much do Liberals and the “Left” donate to disasters and charity in general? What are the REAL Stats? They are always spouting off about helping the needy and the poor and the children – how much of THEIR OWN MONEY do they throw into the pot when they walk but the Salvation Army places?

We know the “HollyWierd” left does pretty good because they want people to see how great they are so they can sell their Movies. But the “average lift wing ‘joe'” is in doubt.

If liberals and the “left wing” are so concerned with stealing from the “rich” and giving to the “poor, homeless, children, etc” – why don’t they take the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS they are throwing at our IDIOT PRESIDENT for his relection and give THAT $$ to the poor, the children, the homeless and the UNEMPLOYED!

HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS would go a long way towards helping those “in need”. Why don’t they do some good with THEIR $$ Instead of trying to reelect and IDIOT?

In the almost three years BamBam has been in office he has worried more about keeping his face on television than what’s happening to America. He has NOT quit campaigning since elected. If we’ve ever wasted time, money and votes on a President, this NITWIT was the ONE!

Do some good with your inherited wealth my LEFT WING NUT buddies, help someone in your area that could use your help – not the DimWit you helped put into office in 2008!

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