Abercrombie & Obama Related?

“Governor says he won’t change direction”, not a real story knowing the way our Governor works. We may think he is Obama’s Twin or otherwise related when we see how he dances around issues that concern us. He is one of the best “blame” people we have had as Governor in recent years.

As per usual he doesn’t really say anything, just makes a bland statement that “he could communicate better”. The man has a personality of a mop with the brain of a nat. Do we wonder what he was using during his protesting days?

He has done little if anything to help our Jobs problems, diverted hundreds of millions of dollars from emergency funds to pay off his supporters and likely fund his pet projects. Do we have the same kind of “transparency” that the Obama Gang have given us so far?

The only thing he has done that I can see is upgrade his image from his questionable past:


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