Do we know our “Rights”

Any of you that actually KNOW me – realize by now that I love this Island and it’s people. You also know that I have different opinions than many of the local population.  You know that I am willing to talk about ANYTHING, even the things “friends shouldn’t talk about” ie: Religion and politics. If you’ve seen the back of my truck (the tailgate) you know that I freely share my opinion(s) and AM NOT ASHAMED OF WHAT I BELIEVE!

I am “retired” and enjoy life! I enjoy meeting new people and exploring our islands. I will answer any question asked of me and am NOT afraid to have people “google” my name and find out about me.

AND I BELIEVE STRONGLY IN OUR CONSTITUTION and the Rights of Americans – INCLUDING – Freedom of Speech!

My wife came home from work a couple of nights ago and was holding a “Lingle” bumper sticker in her hand and was just a little upset. She was parked behind Uncle Billy’s Kona Bay Hotel, where she always parks, and some Left Wing person decided she didn’t have the RIGHT to make her own choices when it comes to Hawaii Politics! They removed the sticker from her tire cover then stuffed the sticker down the ‘gutter’ of the windshield, drivers side, so she would be sure to see what they did.

How would YOU feel if someone did the same to you?

My question – since when is Hawaii or her residents above the law when it comes to the 1st Amendment? Why would someone who has an HONEST opinion be cowardly enough to use the dark of night to step on the rights of others and embarrass themselves and others by doing something this low?
If you’ve lived here for any length of time you know that the Democrats, backed by the power of the Major Unions, control our State and have for over 50 years.

They have spent all these years running this beautiful group of Islands into the ground in the name of ‘providing everything for everyone’.  All at the expense of the people who are actually paying taxes.

Our legislative system stinks but those of us that don’t like it aren’t running around defacing public or private property to get that point out. We obey the laws, shake our heads as we look at bumper stickers or signs promoting Democrats that continue to cause our problems and we do our best to help friends and neighbors understand that the OLD ways are not always the BEST way of taking care of business.
One of the most important things that can happen for our state is to get the “lifer” Dems out of office and get new people who actually care about the future of Hawaii into those positions.

“Lifers” are NOT your friends, they are more worried about getting re-elected and paying back the favors they promised for Union votes.

Gov Lingle is a good replacement for ANY Democrat currently seated.

She cares about Hawaii and, as Governor, tried hard to keep a lid on the massive amount of money the Dems were eager to spend as they pass Bills without proper funding. Obviously our Legislators while she was Governor weren’t happy with her veto’s and over-rode them more often than not, bringing us to our current state of affairs.
Regardless of who is running for what office, it is the individuals choice on who they want to support. The 1st Amendment was written to guarantee us that freedom.

To the one who abused this ‘RIGHT’ that my wife shares with the rest of us,  I have things to say that I won’t print because some young people actually read my Blog.

Just so YOU know – actions like that will NOT change our mind about who is best for the job at hand.  If anything what you did reinforces our thoughts that the ideals that YOU support are NOT the good side of Hawaii politics and we have the ability/choice to think for ourselves. You and those like you are running scared. You should!


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