The ONLY choice for Senate!

If you live and vote in Hawaii you have an important decision to make in the coming months. We are about to elect a New Senator that could mean an important shift in the current downward spiral Hawaii has taken. The choices are “more of the same” OR a “finger in the POT”

Anyone that has been in Hawaii more than a week knows Democrats “control” Hawaii and all that happens here via the power/blessings of the Unions.  If you are NOT a Union member (or an unhappy one) you likely understand that it is NOT a good thing for the future of Hawaii to keep things going in this direction.

A recent post i made to Facebook addresses the young people of our Islands:

“Many of my FB friends have recently turned 18 or will be doing so before the election. With that milestone comes some very important responsibility that you can choose to ignore or face up to. The first – you have the legal right (and i think obligation) to help make ACTUAL changes in the way we live. What you do from the day you turn 18 can affect your life and those around you for years. In November you will have the opportunity to make a choice – more of the same or try something new. YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE COUNTS! USE IT!”

I am passionate about this “right” as much as i am Freedom of speech and have not failed to do my part at every opportunity.

With the retirement of Senator Akaka we have the fantastic chance to elect one of the most qualified people available to fill this position. She has been in leadership positions as Mayor of Maui and Governor of our home and proven herself as a caring and hardworking individual with knowledge of our needs and a genuine love for our islands. Find her on Facebook, get to know her.!/Lingle2012

If you are content with living in a “welfare State” where the people running for office buy you a free lunch (remember Ambercrombie and his 15,000 free vote-buying meals) then she is not your choice.

If you want to do a SMALL part in an effort to bring Hawaii into the 21st century and cast off the ever choking stranglehold the Democrats have on our beautiful State, this is the chance to make that decision.

I mentioned “a finger in the POT” a bit earlier. Any idea what that means? Think about this:

Each State has Two (2) Senators.  In our case they are currently BOTH Democrats. When the Dems have control of the Senate this COULD be a good thing – depending on the overall integrity of the Senate as a whole. BUT if the Republicans are in control, our Democrats are just sitting there collecting their paychecks as they do crossword puzzles or reading their email – while things are happening around them. If ONE of our Senators were ANYTHING but a Dem, (VOTE in SENATOR Lingle) we would STILL have a voice that WE could count on in what goes on.

As I said earlier – If you care about your State and its future or yourself, your Family and Children, Linda Lingle is not “A Choice” she’s THE CHOICE!

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