Unions vs Education

Our schools stink – ask anyone. One of the most amusing things I continue to hear for our Teachers in Hawaii is “our children first”. 

So, a few days ago 67% of those SAME teachers that say “our children first” voted against the new contract BECAUSE they don’t like the idea of being evaluated and having raises condition awarded on/for their lackluster performance when it comes to educating the children under their care.

Just how does that fit in to the “CHILDREN FIRST” logic they are spouting if I might inquire?

How about we just fire the 67% and hire some new blood (people) that actually want to work and do the job of teaching our kids! There are lots of teachers out there that would love to be working and more than happy to listen and work to bring our schools up to a standard to be proud of.

The first question my wife asked when she heard about he vote was, “what happened to ‘it’s all about the students’?” for which I had no answer.

My question is – why aren’t parents jumping on the UNION or the TEACHERS and demanding that they get their act together! Why aren’t they doing the job they are PAID to do? Why is the State on the verge of loosing $75 Million in Federal funds that could help us get back on track?

Any answers/excuses out there that WON’T make us LAUGH?

Come on people – everyone knows that we already have one of the worst school systems in America and you (our teachers) claim to be PROUD of the fact that our Prez is “from Hawaii” (a fact that doesn’t do anything for me but that’s for another blog) so why aren’t you doing the JOB of getting Hawaii OUT of the TOILET when it comes to education and back in the game?

Time to get it together and DO SOMETHING ABOUT OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM!   Think about it!

This is NOT my idea of caring for the kids:

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2 Responses to Unions vs Education

  1. JamesJones says:

    Hello Frank,
    This might be off topic, however, Private schools and Charter schools are not union, yet private schools in America still provide the best results for their students, with teachers making very competitive wages without the union. Charter schools are both publically and privately funded and usually found in lower income neighborhoods. Their teachers are also not union, but still make competitive wages, and their students tend to do better in Charter schools to those in public schools. Most of this is credited to the merit system that the teachers are based on. The better the teachers teach the more money they get. Most teachers unions however, do not allow any individual teachers to get raises based on performance, on the same token, they also don’t allow individual teachers to be fired for poor performance either, and once a teacher gets tenure, they can do anything shy of murder, and not get fired for it. Is it time to drop the teachers union?
    Nice One!

    • Frank says:

      Not off topic, a great point.
      We in Hawaii have a unique situation – I am not for one moment saying that all our teachers are bad but some of them are and we all know it. It’s the same all across America and NOT a problem JUST with Teachers unions. Getting rid of a crappy worker is almost impossible if they belong to a union.
      Thanks for your comment.

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