Living with Your Choices!

Since I’m the type of person that likes to talk to people, I am always interested in asking questions – about anything and everything. I like to talk about politics, religion, people, places, organizations – you name it and I’ll talk about it.

Even thought I do NOT pretend to know everything, I will give my opinion, asked for or not! One of my favorite things of late is talking about Obama or Ambercrombie. I get REALLY curious about how people feel after over three years of Obama and  a year of Ambercrombie.

For the most part, NOT many people in Hawaii are happy with our Governor. To be honest, I haven’t talked to a single person in the past few months that have anything kind to say about the man. 

Of course if you worked on his campaign or are a friend of his it’s a different story. We don’t expect people like that to be honest, they say what they feel they must say, what they are expected to say, riding the fence if you will, just in case it might come back to bite them one day. NO burning bridges there if you want to stay in politics!

When we talk about Obama we have a different story. I keep hearing people say, “he’s from Hawaii, we had to vote for him” or “he’s black, our first black president” or “we thought he would ‘change’ things”.

The question I ask these folks is really quite simple, “what made you think that a Black man from Hawaii with absolutely NO experience in making major decisions, could actually become the leader of our country and accomplish all the dumb promises he made?”

I gently remind them that he obviously had NO clue how the government worked. Running a campaign and making lots of promises that were virtually unattainable without serious help from congress was an impossible task. From the very beginning of his time in office he has made NO real effort to work WITH congress, he just tried to push them in the direction he wanted them to go.

Even his own party rebelled for the first two years of his presidency. NOBODY likes to be told by some inexperienced novice , what to do or how to do it. The only way ObamaCare was approved was because Pelosi and Reid bribed, threatened and pushed their fellow Democrats in congress in a direction they did NOT want to go. Now THEY are living with their own regrets.

So, the question we now ask is what do we do about correcting the mistakes that have been made in recent elections? The answer is Quite simple – dump them all and start over!

For the National problem, we need a new President and come November, we will be able to fix that portion.  With luck a good portion of Congress will be switched out also.

For the State of Hawaii, we are stuck with Ambercrombie for at least three more years unless we can talk our legislators into starting an impeachment procedure against him and since it is made up from mostly Democrats, that chance of that is NOT likely.

So – the moral of this story is – think before you vote next time – it’s gonna stick with you for a long time! We have a chance to make a difference in the US Senate, let’s do it right!

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