More Tax or Cuts – YOUR Choice

In our local News Paper, West Hawaii Today, we had a letter submitted by a ‘local’ that advocated taxing ‘retired income’ on those people making over $100K a year. Obviously he isn’t one of them and doesn’t plan to be or he wouldn’t think this is such a great idea. Our Governor likes the idea but what can you expect from a Tax and Spend politician?
I know this particular blog post won’t make a LOT of people happy but that’s not my job anyway. I attempt to open the eyes of those that are sleeping. If ONE person sees my point and takes action I feel good!
The letter from Mr Totten was both interesting and ALMOST amusing. Interesting because he pointed out something I have pointed out for YEARS in letters and my Blogs! Democrats have been in charge of The State of Hawaii since STATEHOOD! We all know that Democrats love TAXING the people who vote them into office with little or no thought or worry of the long-term memory of those same people. The people of Hawaii, although a lovely people, conveniently forget that we are in our current condition of being a Welfare State Because of those Same Democrats!
An amusing point, just ONE of the points that Mr Totten forgot to mention is that it’s NOT just ‘name recognition’ that gets these TAX AND SPEND people re-elected, it’s the Very Real FACT that many of those same voters do NOT pay income taxes but reap the Benefits from the Taxes that the rest of us DO pay! Taxes that the DEMOCRATS keep raising to support the very voters that are electing them time and again.
I admit that I am one of those retired persons living in Hawaii, but not making the $100K or $200K that Mr Totten is so concerned about. Another Amusing point he and our “governor” seem to forget is that if these people have a home on our islands most of these retired persons are quite likely spending a LARGE part of that “untaxed” (least we forget, the FEDS get their “fair share”) income on TAXED  ‘goods and services’ IN Hawaii! This is money that goes to any number of LOCAL business’s, which in turn PAY TAXES to the local and State governments. If they are hit with an ‘income’ tax they will most likely spend LESS at the local places of business.
Anyone that has read ANY of my letters or Blogs know I am NOT a fan or supporter of Ambercrombie or The Democrats in general. I firmly believe that the Democrats have made us a Welfare State and we can only recover and turn things around if we can vote them out of office, NOT just the Governor, the Legislators! If our Legislators were a far mix of Dems and Repub, we would have a chance to get things going in the right direction at last.
A final point that Hawaiians in general seem to ignore – it is NOT just Income Tax that is high in Hawaii. If Mr Totten knows anything about the “4% GET tax” then he knows our effective tax rate in Hawaii is the highest in the nation – at around 10.5%. And WHO do we thank for this little jewel – DEMOCRATS!
Our lives under the rule of the Democrats is NOT the Best BUT it will only take VOTES to change it!
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