Just when you think Ambercrombie has a Brain!

We have stood back and watched out Governor at work and actually had some high hopes for him. Standing up to the Teachers Union gave us some minor delight.

When he stood up to the locals and supported the effort to finish our expansion of the “Queens Highway” it seemed like he was on the side of progress on the Big Island.

All that hope seemed to was down the drain as we watched our little man on TV last night. If this isn’t a slap in the face and a kick in the ASS for workers that don’t want to participate in the strong-arm tactics of the Unions, then what is?

We all know the Unions were a strong working force  in getting our current Governor elected AND we knew that sooner or later he would be paying them back big time – SURPRISE, SURPRISE – looks like this is one of those times!


Two peas in a pod – put Obama in this picture and if you don’t get sick you’ve got a VERY strong stomach!!

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2 Responses to Just when you think Ambercrombie has a Brain!

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    How come you do not have your site viewable in wap format? cant view anything in my Droid.

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