United States Senator from Hawaii!

Sometimes it’s tough to make a decision when it comes to Politics. It’s always much harder when one party is in control and that’s the side you hear the most from. When it’s over fifty years of one-sided propaganda shoved at us, it’s NOT easy to break the hold but in this particular case it should be an EASY decision to make.

One look at our political problems of today and there should be no doubt that it’s time for a REAL change in Hawaii politics. For longer than most of us care to remember, we have had two very powerful Senators in Washington, both Democrats, both only effective if there was a Democrat majority in the Senate and a Democrat President.

It is time to RETHINK the way we do things when it comes to representation for Hawaii.

NOW we have a chance to change things for the future BETTERMENT of Hawaii. Having a member in the Senate from BOTH parties can only be a positive thing for our State!

If you just listen to Senator Inouye, he wants you/us to believe that having BOTH Senators represented by the Democrats is a good thing, when in TRUTH it hurts us MUCH more if Republicans are ‘in power’ and we don’t have anyone looking out for us.

OBVIOUSLY, the same works if Democrats are in power. Look at how often power changes hands in our government, House & Senate – do we want representation in congress at ALL times or just SOME of the time as Senator Inouye wants.

While I respect Senator Inouye and the sacrifice he made for our Country, this time the man is WRONG! There is ONLY one option if you really care about the future of our State & Country.

So do we listen to the narrow minds, lead by  Sen Inouye and meekly babbled by Mazie Hirono (Dans choice) or do we come to grips with the fact that the Democrats RULING Hawaii aren’t all-knowing?

We NOW have a VERY REAL choice, think it through and make the right one.

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2 Responses to United States Senator from Hawaii!

  1. I rarely create remarks, but after reading a bunch of comments on this page United States Senator from Hawaii! | Living & Exploring Hawaii. I do have a couple of questions for you if it’s okay. Is it only me or does it give the impression like a few of the responses appear as if they are coming from brain dead individuals? 😛 And, if you are posting at additional online sites, I would like to follow you. Would you list of all of your social networking sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

    • Frank says:

      I am more than happy to provide info as long as it isn’t going to lead to unwanted “spam” on the sites I use. I do not advertise anything, recommend anything or support anything outside my own agenda – which is to be as honest and up front as i know how.

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