Democrats, Unions & Hawaii

My first visit to Hawaii was in 1975, my transfer to Hickam Air Force Base. At that time I was young and not much into Politics so didn’t really care who was doing what to whom. I fell in love with Hawaii and always dreamt of living here.  I was transferred from Hawaii in 1979 and I hadn’t been back until I married in 1990. It’s been an awakening since that visit.

I have been living on Hawaii for the past eight (8) years and find that our State government is in real need of a “make-over” when it comes to who is doing what to whom! Unions were a large part of California’s problem and I’m not sure if Hawaii is emulating California or if California is emulating them but either way both States are in trouble!

We all know that the Dems in office today only care about getting re-elected. They make NO attempt to hide it from the President of the United States to the local council members. In case you haven’t been paying attention over the years, any attempt to unseat them is fair game for disinformation and negative attacks. An article recently posted in “The Hawaiian Reporter” gives some examples:

Now that we have someone who is a good Republican candidate for the US Senate, we are seeing more attacks from our long-term Senators and other politicians in Hawaii, not about the issues and what should be done to help Hawaii but attacks on the good name of Gov Lingle.

We have the opportunity to make a difference at home and in the Senate by winning this seat in Washington. Hawaii has been destroyed by the ‘good ole boy’ network over the last fifty (50+) years. Our tax laws make it tough for business & people to survive. When it comes to ‘sales tax’ we are the overall highest taxed people in our nation yet our legislators sit in their thrones of power and refuse to make any changes to it.

For way to many years Hawaii has counted on her representatives to Americas Congress to steal tax payer money via “pork spending” to finance her social programs and support the unions via choice job creation. Her political candidates run on their ability to steal taxpayer dollars and  they and many of the people here, think it is a good thing. As an actual taxpayer – I don’t!!

Time flies, it’s coming up on the General Election and Mazie is now the Dem of choice to run against Linda for the soon to be vacant Senate seat. She is supported by the career politicians in her party. Her group had a ‘victory breakfast’ after the election and at that meeting they were said to have made a pledge:

“The Democrats in Hawaii pledged to avoid all character assassinations and dirty politics in the general election.”

A quick visit to her FB page will show you how long THAT lasted. Since it seems that “she” is posting on it quite often and the attacks and name calling against Linda continue, it would seem she condones it.

So much for honor in the party of the Democrats, from the TOP down. Obama is the king of liars and disinformation, he has proven it time and again. Mazie seems like she is more than willing to carry the banner! The Unions will likely support Mazie, dollar signs in their eyes. They have been a large part of the problem in Hawaiian politics and no doubt will continue to be.

Am I wrong? Prove it – I await your reply!

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