My first visit to Hawaii was in 1975, my transfer to Hickam Air Force Base. At that time I was young and not much into Politics so didn’t really care who was doing what to whom. I fell in love with Hawaii and always dreamt of living here.  I was transferred from Hawaii in 1979 and I hadn’t been back until I married in 1990. It’s been an awakening since that visit.

I have been living on Hawaii for the past eight (8) years and find that our State government is in real need of a “make-over” when it comes to who is doing what to whom! Unions were a large part of California’s problem and I’m not sure if Hawaii is emulating California or if California is emulating them but either way both States are in trouble!

We all know that the Dems in office today only care about getting re-elected. They make NO attempt to hide it from the President of the United States to the local council members. In case you haven’t been paying attention over the years, any attempt to unseat them is fair game for disinformation and negative attacks. An article recently posted in “The Hawaiian Reporter” gives some examples:

Now that we have someone who is a good Republican candidate for the US Senate, we are seeing more attacks from our long-term Senators and other politicians in Hawaii, not about the issues and what should be done to help Hawaii but attacks on the good name of Gov Lingle.

We have the opportunity to make a difference at home and in the Senate by winning this seat in Washington. Hawaii has been destroyed by the ‘good ole boy’ network over the last fifty (50+) years. Our tax laws make it tough for business & people to survive. When it comes to ‘sales tax’ we are the overall highest taxed people in our nation yet our legislators sit in their thrones of power and refuse to make any changes to it.

For way to many years Hawaii has counted on her representatives to Americas Congress to steal tax payer money via “pork spending” to finance her social programs and support the unions via choice job creation. Her political candidates run on their ability to steal taxpayer dollars and  they and many of the people here, think it is a good thing. As an actual taxpayer – I don’t!!

Time flies, it’s coming up on the General Election and Mazie is now the Dem of choice to run against Linda for the soon to be vacant Senate seat. She is supported by the career politicians in her party. Her group had a ‘victory breakfast’ after the election and at that meeting they were said to have made a pledge:

“The Democrats in Hawaii pledged to avoid all character assassinations and dirty politics in the general election.”

A quick visit to her FB page will show you how long THAT lasted. Since it seems that “she” is posting on it quite often and the attacks and name calling against Linda continue, it would seem she condones it.

So much for honor in the party of the Democrats, from the TOP down. Obama is the king of liars and disinformation, he has proven it time and again. Mazie seems like she is more than willing to carry the banner! The Unions will likely support Mazie, dollar signs in their eyes. They have been a large part of the problem in Hawaiian politics and no doubt will continue to be.

Am I wrong? Prove it – I await your reply!

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United States Senator from Hawaii!

Sometimes it’s tough to make a decision when it comes to Politics. It’s always much harder when one party is in control and that’s the side you hear the most from. When it’s over fifty years of one-sided propaganda shoved at us, it’s NOT easy to break the hold but in this particular case it should be an EASY decision to make.

One look at our political problems of today and there should be no doubt that it’s time for a REAL change in Hawaii politics. For longer than most of us care to remember, we have had two very powerful Senators in Washington, both Democrats, both only effective if there was a Democrat majority in the Senate and a Democrat President.

It is time to RETHINK the way we do things when it comes to representation for Hawaii.

NOW we have a chance to change things for the future BETTERMENT of Hawaii. Having a member in the Senate from BOTH parties can only be a positive thing for our State!

If you just listen to Senator Inouye, he wants you/us to believe that having BOTH Senators represented by the Democrats is a good thing, when in TRUTH it hurts us MUCH more if Republicans are ‘in power’ and we don’t have anyone looking out for us.

OBVIOUSLY, the same works if Democrats are in power. Look at how often power changes hands in our government, House & Senate – do we want representation in congress at ALL times or just SOME of the time as Senator Inouye wants.

While I respect Senator Inouye and the sacrifice he made for our Country, this time the man is WRONG! There is ONLY one option if you really care about the future of our State & Country.

So do we listen to the narrow minds, lead by  Sen Inouye and meekly babbled by Mazie Hirono (Dans choice) or do we come to grips with the fact that the Democrats RULING Hawaii aren’t all-knowing?

We NOW have a VERY REAL choice, think it through and make the right one.

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Just when you think Ambercrombie has a Brain!

We have stood back and watched out Governor at work and actually had some high hopes for him. Standing up to the Teachers Union gave us some minor delight.

When he stood up to the locals and supported the effort to finish our expansion of the “Queens Highway” it seemed like he was on the side of progress on the Big Island.

All that hope seemed to was down the drain as we watched our little man on TV last night. If this isn’t a slap in the face and a kick in the ASS for workers that don’t want to participate in the strong-arm tactics of the Unions, then what is?

We all know the Unions were a strong working force  in getting our current Governor elected AND we knew that sooner or later he would be paying them back big time – SURPRISE, SURPRISE – looks like this is one of those times!

Two peas in a pod – put Obama in this picture and if you don’t get sick you’ve got a VERY strong stomach!!

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Your Hawaii – Your Taxes – Your Dollars!!

In WHT this morning we actually had a small business owner ASKING our Legislators to sign a Bill (SB-2226) that will slap a tax on Internet purchases! This business person isn’t happy that we can go to the internet and POSSIBLY save a few dollars on items that we OFTEN can NOT find in Hawaii – Especially on the Big Island!

Every time we turn around someone is talking about raising Taxes on something. If it isn’t our President it’s our local legislators! When are people going to awaken to the fact that we are being taxed to death and nobody is trying to cut costs and STOP the rise in costs of everything we eat, do or touch! Feel free to read “Joys” letter:

Below are the facts that anyone can find just by checking Google:


Hawaii does not have a sales tax per se, but it does have a gross receipts tax (called the General Excise Tax) and a Use Tax which apply to nearly every conceivable type of transaction (including services), and is technically charged to the business rather than the consumer. Hawaii law allows business to pass on the tax to the consumer in similar fashion to a sales tax.

Unlike other states, rent, medical services and perishable foods are subject to the excise tax. Also, unlike other states, businesses may or may not show the tax separately on the receipt, as it is technically part of the selling price. 4.0% is charged at retail with an additional 0.5% surcharge in the City and County of Honolulu (for a total of 4.5% on Oahu sales), and 0.5% is charged on wholesale.[71] However, the state also allows “tax on tax” to be charged, which effectively means a customer can be billed as much as 4.166% (4.712% on Oahu). The exact dollar or percentage amount to be added must be quoted to customers within or along with the price. The 0.5% surcharge on Oahu was implemented to fund the new rail transport system.[72] As with sales tax in other states, nonprofit organizations may apply for an exemption from the tax.[73]

Hawaii also imposes a “Use tax” on businesses that provide services that are “LANDED” In Hawaii. One example is: As a property owner in Hawaii you contract with a mainland architect to design your Hawaii home. Even though the architect perhaps does all of their work in a mainland location the architect needs to pay the State of Hawaii a 4% Use tax on the architect’s fee because the designed house is located in Hawaii. That holds true even if the house is never built. The tax is on the produced product which is the design and provided building plans.

Taking that example a step further. A major retail chain on the US mainland contracts with a mainland architect to design a store in Hawaii. Because the store is located in Hawaii the architect is required to pay the State of Hawaii 4% on the entire fee they charge the retail chain to design the Hawaii store.

Isn’t enough, enough?

Is the END in Sight?   JUST SAY NO MORE!!

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Hawaii Democrats & Earmarks

My FIRST question for any of my Hawaiian readers is:

Do you have ANY clue what your elected officials are doing to you and your State? West Hawaii Today had a GREAT article by Lowell Kalpa, the president of the TaxFoundation of Hawaii.

Since we as individuals living in Paradise have little clue as to what the legislators are doing to us each time they meet. Some of the new laws are piling taxes on taxes, something we fought hard to get away from over 200 years ago! Now in Hawaii, the Democrats are working hard to revive the OLD traditions!

Our current legislators under the leadership of Ambercrombie are NOT our friends.  Don’t you think it’s time to let them KNOW by firing them ASAP!

BTW – Take a moment or two to check out this youtube video…


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More Tax or Cuts – YOUR Choice

In our local News Paper, West Hawaii Today, we had a letter submitted by a ‘local’ that advocated taxing ‘retired income’ on those people making over $100K a year. Obviously he isn’t one of them and doesn’t plan to be or he wouldn’t think this is such a great idea. Our Governor likes the idea but what can you expect from a Tax and Spend politician?
I know this particular blog post won’t make a LOT of people happy but that’s not my job anyway. I attempt to open the eyes of those that are sleeping. If ONE person sees my point and takes action I feel good!
The letter from Mr Totten was both interesting and ALMOST amusing. Interesting because he pointed out something I have pointed out for YEARS in letters and my Blogs! Democrats have been in charge of The State of Hawaii since STATEHOOD! We all know that Democrats love TAXING the people who vote them into office with little or no thought or worry of the long-term memory of those same people. The people of Hawaii, although a lovely people, conveniently forget that we are in our current condition of being a Welfare State Because of those Same Democrats!
An amusing point, just ONE of the points that Mr Totten forgot to mention is that it’s NOT just ‘name recognition’ that gets these TAX AND SPEND people re-elected, it’s the Very Real FACT that many of those same voters do NOT pay income taxes but reap the Benefits from the Taxes that the rest of us DO pay! Taxes that the DEMOCRATS keep raising to support the very voters that are electing them time and again.
I admit that I am one of those retired persons living in Hawaii, but not making the $100K or $200K that Mr Totten is so concerned about. Another Amusing point he and our “governor” seem to forget is that if these people have a home on our islands most of these retired persons are quite likely spending a LARGE part of that “untaxed” (least we forget, the FEDS get their “fair share”) income on TAXED  ‘goods and services’ IN Hawaii! This is money that goes to any number of LOCAL business’s, which in turn PAY TAXES to the local and State governments. If they are hit with an ‘income’ tax they will most likely spend LESS at the local places of business.
Anyone that has read ANY of my letters or Blogs know I am NOT a fan or supporter of Ambercrombie or The Democrats in general. I firmly believe that the Democrats have made us a Welfare State and we can only recover and turn things around if we can vote them out of office, NOT just the Governor, the Legislators! If our Legislators were a far mix of Dems and Repub, we would have a chance to get things going in the right direction at last.
A final point that Hawaiians in general seem to ignore – it is NOT just Income Tax that is high in Hawaii. If Mr Totten knows anything about the “4% GET tax” then he knows our effective tax rate in Hawaii is the highest in the nation – at around 10.5%. And WHO do we thank for this little jewel – DEMOCRATS!
Our lives under the rule of the Democrats is NOT the Best BUT it will only take VOTES to change it!
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Living with Your Choices!

Since I’m the type of person that likes to talk to people, I am always interested in asking questions – about anything and everything. I like to talk about politics, religion, people, places, organizations – you name it and I’ll talk about it.

Even thought I do NOT pretend to know everything, I will give my opinion, asked for or not! One of my favorite things of late is talking about Obama or Ambercrombie. I get REALLY curious about how people feel after over three years of Obama and  a year of Ambercrombie.

For the most part, NOT many people in Hawaii are happy with our Governor. To be honest, I haven’t talked to a single person in the past few months that have anything kind to say about the man. 

Of course if you worked on his campaign or are a friend of his it’s a different story. We don’t expect people like that to be honest, they say what they feel they must say, what they are expected to say, riding the fence if you will, just in case it might come back to bite them one day. NO burning bridges there if you want to stay in politics!

When we talk about Obama we have a different story. I keep hearing people say, “he’s from Hawaii, we had to vote for him” or “he’s black, our first black president” or “we thought he would ‘change’ things”.

The question I ask these folks is really quite simple, “what made you think that a Black man from Hawaii with absolutely NO experience in making major decisions, could actually become the leader of our country and accomplish all the dumb promises he made?”

I gently remind them that he obviously had NO clue how the government worked. Running a campaign and making lots of promises that were virtually unattainable without serious help from congress was an impossible task. From the very beginning of his time in office he has made NO real effort to work WITH congress, he just tried to push them in the direction he wanted them to go.

Even his own party rebelled for the first two years of his presidency. NOBODY likes to be told by some inexperienced novice , what to do or how to do it. The only way ObamaCare was approved was because Pelosi and Reid bribed, threatened and pushed their fellow Democrats in congress in a direction they did NOT want to go. Now THEY are living with their own regrets.

So, the question we now ask is what do we do about correcting the mistakes that have been made in recent elections? The answer is Quite simple – dump them all and start over!

For the National problem, we need a new President and come November, we will be able to fix that portion.  With luck a good portion of Congress will be switched out also.

For the State of Hawaii, we are stuck with Ambercrombie for at least three more years unless we can talk our legislators into starting an impeachment procedure against him and since it is made up from mostly Democrats, that chance of that is NOT likely.

So – the moral of this story is – think before you vote next time – it’s gonna stick with you for a long time! We have a chance to make a difference in the US Senate, let’s do it right!

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Update! on “Going Green” in Hawaii

I could start a whole NEW blog post on this but keeping it all together works better I think so:

WHT Feb 24, 2012 tells us our State is spending $400,000 (Taxpayer money) to send out letters telling BI residents how to cut back on our electricity consumption. 

Are you ready for this? The STATE, with the help of Helco, is trying to get us to save electricity. As we’ve seen already, once we’ve ‘followed their simple recommendations’ and cut back on the amount of electricity we use,  Helco will come back again and raise our rates because of the cutbacks in our energy use is killing their profits. SO – someone tell me how this actually helps us as residents of the Big Island?

We recently found via our local paper WHT that “going green” in Hawaii is going to cost more hard-earned money for any “non-green” or not TOTALLY green household in our State! The Big Island will be hit the hardest because we are doing a better job of “going green”. Helco plans to raise our electricity rates even though they are having record profits.

This story is being heard all across America! Even though we keep hearing “Going Green is the RIGHT thing to do”. The forget to add a FEW interesting words to the sentence “but it’s going to COST and YOU – the TAXPAYER are going to pay for it!”

Anyone with a brain could see this coming, from the very beginning of the “Green Push” we have known that it was going to cost us. The “greenie, environmentalists and conservationists” keep trying to shove their “big plan” down our throats, not caring what the cost is to our country or the people who live here.

They keep crying: 


If you actually believe that the people of our planet can actually affect how and what “greenhouse gases” are doing to the world I won’t argue the point because I too believe we are contributing to change. BUT if you BELIEVE that AMERICA carrying the burden by ‘going green’ will reverse the problem I think you need to wake up.

Check out google and The history of our planet show us that our planet goes through stages where temperatures rise and fall every ten thousand years (give or take a few).

During the last three (3) years we have seen Obama and his gang give hundreds of millions of dollars to companies pushing their “green” products that have failed and they aren’t the first. I’m NOT saying we should stop trying, I am saying that we need to take a step back and think it through before we further bankrupt our Country. Green Energy is NOT an easy thing to pursue in ANY economy but in todays it actually SUX!

We hear today that America is currently producing almost 80% of the energy we need, and we are increasing production all the time. (Not talking about Hawaii) It’s proof that our dependence on foreign oil in America is on the decline.

The numbers would get even better if Coal production and use were increased, but more regulation is being thrust on them every time they turn around.

Most of us are trying to do our part to help the environment but when you do what you think is right then you get kicked in the teeth by the Government or Electric Companies as a reward – how should we respond or feel?

What would happen if everyone on the island shut off their MAIN circuit breaker for a few hours or even the day? What would the result if it happened across AMERICA??  Would it ‘shock’ them and wake Helco or our State or Federal Government up and let them know we are not happy with what is going on?

Something to think about.

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Hawaii Legislators need Drug Testing!

In a State that is Taxed to the limit to fund all the insane ‘benefits’ the Democrats shower upon the people to make us the most in debt WELFARE STATE in the United States,  these numbskulls want to add yet MORE NEW TAXES!

1) They are proposing an “offset fee” another of their fancy ways to avoid the actual WORD “tax”.  This TAX will be on Plastic AND Paper bags. First the BAN plastic then the decided they should TAX both, “just in case”.  So the only way you COULD avoid the tax is BUY re-usable bags from someone or back your care or truck up to the check out counter and throw your purchases into the back/trunk.

2.) As if they isn’t enough to pucker you undies, they want to put a new “beverage tax” on businesses. Who do they think are going to pay THIS tax?  Is the ‘Tax Fairy” going to come by and give us all money to offset the additional charges?

3.) Then in today’s paper we read that the ELECTRIC COMPANY is going to raise our rates BECAUSE WE ARE GOING GREEN!  Is this great or what! We get conned into “going green” because it is ‘GOOD FOR OUR NATION AND STATE’ then we get it in the butt by private companies raising rates to keep their profits high!

So my friends – tell me what GOOD the Democrats are doing for our Nation and State? Please feel free to provide me a list that we can be proud of. To my way of thinking the politics and policies of the Democrats are just perpetuating the decline of our country into 50 true welfare states supported by the working class – be they top or bottom or the pay scale.  If we/you pay taxes, we/you are supporting the Dems “new and improved”  Welfare plan!

Do we need a REAL Change yet???

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Unions vs Education

Our schools stink – ask anyone. One of the most amusing things I continue to hear for our Teachers in Hawaii is “our children first”. 

So, a few days ago 67% of those SAME teachers that say “our children first” voted against the new contract BECAUSE they don’t like the idea of being evaluated and having raises condition awarded on/for their lackluster performance when it comes to educating the children under their care.

Just how does that fit in to the “CHILDREN FIRST” logic they are spouting if I might inquire?

How about we just fire the 67% and hire some new blood (people) that actually want to work and do the job of teaching our kids! There are lots of teachers out there that would love to be working and more than happy to listen and work to bring our schools up to a standard to be proud of.

The first question my wife asked when she heard about he vote was, “what happened to ‘it’s all about the students’?” for which I had no answer.

My question is – why aren’t parents jumping on the UNION or the TEACHERS and demanding that they get their act together! Why aren’t they doing the job they are PAID to do? Why is the State on the verge of loosing $75 Million in Federal funds that could help us get back on track?

Any answers/excuses out there that WON’T make us LAUGH?

Come on people – everyone knows that we already have one of the worst school systems in America and you (our teachers) claim to be PROUD of the fact that our Prez is “from Hawaii” (a fact that doesn’t do anything for me but that’s for another blog) so why aren’t you doing the JOB of getting Hawaii OUT of the TOILET when it comes to education and back in the game?

Time to get it together and DO SOMETHING ABOUT OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM!   Think about it!

This is NOT my idea of caring for the kids:

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